Beneath the Massacre

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Beneath the Massacre

Непрочитанное сообщение calibro » 14 окт 2008, 12:45

Beneath the Massacre is a hardcore-influenced brutal/technical death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their debut album, Evidence of Inequity, was released in 2005, under Galy Records. In early 2006, the band signed with Prosthetic Records and has since released their first full-length album, Mechanics of Dysfunction, on the label on February 20, 2007. They were on the 2007 Brutalitour alongside Animosity, As Blood Runs Black, and The Faceless. They also played the Summer Slaughter Tour with Decapitated, Necrophagist, As Blood Runs Black, The Faceless, Ion Dissonance, and Cephalic Carnage. They were on the 2007 Radio Rebellion Tour along with Job for a Cowboy, Behemoth, and Gojira.

Beneath the Massacre was formed in the summer of 2004, including as members in their line-up the vocalist Elliot Desgagnés, guitarist Christopher Bradley, bassist Dennis Bradley, and drummer Justin Rousselle. In May 2005, they released a five-track EP Evidence of Inequity through the Canadian label Galy Records, the EP was produced by Yannick St-Amand and mastered by Alan Douches. Beneath the Massacre announces a Canadian tour to promote this album in September 2005 supporting Neuraxis, but have been forced to cancel due an accident with their van outside Thunder Bay, Ontario.

In May 2006, Beneath the Massacre signed a record deal with Prosthetic Records, and soon after, they started a tour in Canada with Leng Tch'e and Fuck the Facts. The band begins to work with producer Yannick St-Amand on a new album in June that same year, in parallel several dates are anounced, and included shows at the Toronto Terrorfest with over 60 bands at the three-day festival between July 14–16, the Robot Mosh Fest in Milwaukee, then in on the same month Trails Unto the Sick concerts again with Neuraxis, which included the San Antonio Better off Dead Fest and Albuquerque's Gathering of the Sick Fest.

Beneath the Massacre featured with the track "Profitable Killcount" on a 2006 Japanese-only compilation album titled Canadian Metal in Japan, released by Cyclone Records. The band's full-lenth debut album Mechanics of Dysfunction again produced by Yannick St-Ammand and mixed by Pierre Rémillard, was released in February 2007 through Prosthetic Records.

Recently, the band finished work on their new studio album, entitled Dystopia. The album was recorded in the Northern Studio in Montreal, Quebec by Yannick St-Amand, mixed by Jason Suecoff with artwork from Felix Rancourt. The release is scheduled for October 28, 2008 through Prosthetic Records.


Current members
* Elliot Desgagnés – vocals (2004–present)
* Christopher Bradley – guitar (2004–present)
* Dennis Bradley – bass (2004–present)
* Justin Rousselle – drums (2004–present)

Former members
* Jonathan Dubeau – guitar (2004–2005)


Studio albums
* Mechanics of Dysfunction (2007)
* Dystopia (2008)

Extended plays
* Evidence of Inequity (2005)
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Re: Beneath the Massacre

Непрочитанное сообщение Nalivaika » 14 окт 2008, 20:15

Сейчас последний альбом на телефоне имеется и довольно регулярно прослушивается. Крепкий середняк, но вот чего-то не хватает.
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Re: Beneath the Massacre

Непрочитанное сообщение Serafim » 15 окт 2008, 23:17

это точно, не хватает парням оригинальности.... хотя последний альбом очень и очень не плохой.
Here at the edge of this world
Here I gaze at a pantheon of oak, a citadel of stone
If this grand panorama before me is what you call God...
Then God is not dead
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